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Gift Catalog

Give gifts that create lasting change, by giving meaningful gifts that grow in impact.

Give a gift, change a life.


The gifts in this catalog were uniquely chosen to help you make the biggest impact for children and their families who struggle daily to afford basic necessities you and I take for granted. Your gift will be delivered through our local Churches in Belize by Pastors and staff members who know the specific needs of each child registered with us. As you look through this online catalog, know that each each gift you choose will help break the cycle of poverty and bring hope to a child living in poverty - hope that can transform many lives!


Give monthly to a cause you care about

Lasting change begins with you. Monthly giving provides consistent support to children in need. It means your donations will be delivering the right solution at just the right time.

And while your gifts are changing lives, you'll love seeing the impact of
your generosity through our updates and stories in our Email Newsletters, iServants App, Facebook page, Videos, and in-person on one of our Belize Mission Trips.


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