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Belize Mission Trip, mission trips to belize, belize mission project


Our Churches and Missionaries in Belize would love to partner with you and host your Church group's Mission Trip to Belize

Belize at a glance

Belize Mission Trip, mission trips to belize, belize mission project


350,000 +

Church Mission Trip, Belize Mission Trip, mission trips to belize, belize mission project


English, Creole, Maya, Spanish

Belize Mission Trip, mission trips to belize, belize mission project


Central America

Belize Missionaries, missionaries in Belize, missionary work in belize


Catholic, Protestant, None

Youth Group Mission Trips, Belize Missionaries, missionaries in Belize, missionary work in belize, Belize Mission Trip, mission trips to belize, belize mission project


Tropical, Sub-Tropical

Belize Mission Trip, mission trips to belize, belize mission project



We'd love to host your group! We've been leading Mission Trips to Belize since 1990, so your trip will be well-planned, Christ-centered, and safe.

*** Concerned about Covid travel restrictions? See our FAQ section below. ***

Our Missionary in Belize, Dr. Paul Whisnant, was born in the U.S., and has lived in Belize since 1990. He and his wife are dual citizens of the United States and Belize.

Dr. Paul will work with you to design your groups trip to best serve our Churches and Missionaries in Belize as well as your group. We will handle all the in-Belize details from start-to-finish, making your trip planning easy and hassle-free.

Are you looking for Mission Trips for large groups?

Some of the largest Churches in the United States trust us to lead their groups. We've hosted the largest Mission Trips for groups in Belize, with many of our groups having over 100 Team members. Our average Team size is 50-100 volunteers. Whether you have 20 or 200, we'd love to partner with you! Plus, groups of 30 or more can choose to come ANY week they wish!

Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, so it'll be easy for you to communicate directly with locals.

Children's ministry, sports ministry, feeding needy children, evangelism, Church planting, construction, medical missions and dental missions, are available to you as Ministry options.

You can choose which ministries your team are best suited for prior to serving in Belize on your short-term mission trip.

Our partnerships with local Churches and Schools will enable you to encourage our local Pastors in sustainable, long-term Ministry that will continue to impact the village you served long after you have returned home.

Belize is a beautiful country, but there are many needs. Thousands of needy children live in jungle villages in desperate poverty. Belize will touch your heart in such a way that you will want to form a long-term relationship with your host pastor and village. Most of our groups choose to return to the same village each year to continue to encourage the local pastor in the vision God has given him.

We specialize in customizable, short-term Mission Trips for large groups to Belize.

Contact us today to learn more about how you and your group can make a life-changing difference on your short term mission trip to Belize.


Have questions about our Belize Mission Trips or want to learn more?

Email us at or call 817-382-8484.

What's included?

Hassle-free planning, we'll handle the details for you

25-50 hours of Ministry

Transportation to/from Airport & Ministry sites

100% customizable & you pick your Trip dates

Nice hotel with wi-fi, a/c, hot/cold water & a pool

Recreation or Local Cultural Experiences: Beach, Zoo, Island, Snorkel, Jungle Waterfall, Living Maya, River Tubing, Monkey River, Rainforest Canopy Zipline, Mayan Ruins, and more!

Duration: Your choice, 5-7 nights is average

3 meals a day, 2 at a restaurant & 1 in the village

Safe drinking water

Partnerships with local Pastors, Churches & Schools

Serve with Dr. Paul Whisnant, our local Missionary

Materials Provided: Group Leader Manual, Unlimited Consultations, Trip Promo Videos & Materials, Group T-Shirts, Branded Water Bottle, Fundraising Ideas, and more! 

Experience a Belize Mission Trip

Click the photos below to watch videos about our different types of Belize Mission Trips

Frequently Asked Questions


Helping children overcome poverty.

For real. For good.
Since 1990.


Belize Mission Trip, mission trips to belize, belize mission project

The Local Church

Dr. Paul Whisnant and our Missionaries have started and/or built 54 local Churches throughout Belize. Every week, thousands come to hear the Message of Jesus.

International Servants

Children Come First

We focus on helping children overcome poverty - for good. From our Feed-A-Child Centers to our Medical Clinics, the children always come first.

International Servants


Every day there are children going hungry in our villages. Many kids are severely malnourished. That's why we started our Feed-A-Child program - to stop this crisis.

Amanda Whisnant, Belize Mission Trip, mission trips to belize, belize mission project

Medical Care

Every year, our Medical Mission treats thousands of children & families who have little-to-no access to medical care, nor the money to buy critical medicine.  



Education is the key to stopping the cycle of poverty for the next generation of children. That's why we've built schools in villages that had never had a school.


Stop Human Trafficking

A child suffering from hunger, violence, disease, and poverty is far more likely to become a victim of sex or human trafficking. Your gifts help to stop this.

Hear from one of our Board Members

You'll love hearing Dr. Steve Stewart's heart for God's missionary work here in Belize as he shares how you can help children in need - in Jesus' name - by praying, giving, and going. 

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