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Paul Whisnant
President and CEO

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Dr. Paul Whisnant is the founder and CEO of International Servants. Born in the United States, Paul lived for many years in the jungles of Central America, where he served as a missionary and witnessed poverty first-hand.

Paul is driven by his love for Jesus and desire to help children living in poverty. He has started or helped build 54 Churches. His own experience with poverty, hunger, malaria and dengue has led him to start a feeding program for hungry children and medical clinics for the poor.


Dr Paul Whisnant, Belize Missionary, International Servants

Dr. Paul Whisnant

Since moving to Belize in 1990, Paul has helped thousands of children overcome poverty & started 54 Churches in Belize.

Paul Whisnant Belize

Grass Hut

This is the leaf & stick hut where Paul lived when he first moved to the jungle with no electricity, running water, nor bathroom.

Paul Whisnant, Belize Baptist Missionary


Baptizing a new believer in a jungle river with crocodiles nearby, which is why Paul is wearing a big knife on his belt.

Paul Whisnant, iServants, Belize Missionaries, Amanda Whisnant


His wife Amanda is a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and serves as our Belize Medical Director.



Carlos Moreno

United States Embassy

"There's no other person in the non-profit, faith community that comes close to the scope of the kind of work Dr. Paul Whisnant is doing here with feeding programs for hungry children living in poverty, medical clinics, Churches, and more."

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International Servants, iServants, Belize Missionaries

Ashley Rocke

Belize Government

"From his early days humbly living in a leaf and stick hut, to the present day as the leader of the largest and most well-respected Missions in Belize, I've seen how Dr. Paul Whisnant has faithfully served thousands of needy children and families."

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Pastor Steve Stewart, Bethesda Baptist Church

Dr. Steve Stewart

Bethesda Church

"Our Church chose to support International Servants and Dr. Paul Whisnant because this was the best place to invest our Mission dollars. And each time I go, I see how carefully our funds are being used to do the most for the children of Belize."

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Pastor Jerry Adair, International Servants, Paul Whisnant, Belize Missionaries, Southern Baptist Belize

Rev. Jerry Adair

Trinity Baptist Church

"I've known Dr. Paul Whisnant for decades and seen his Ministry grow first-hand. It's been incredible to see the phenomenal growth! The people in the villages trust him and see him as their family because he's been with them for so many, many years."

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Dr. Paul Whisnant's many years living in the Central American jungles as your missionary in Belize produced a wealth of fascinating stories that has led him to speak in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Central and South America inspiring others to give back.

Whether he's speaking to 600 teens at the Smokey Mountain Youth Conference in Tennessee, 200 business leaders at the HQ for Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta, Georgia, 700 Pastors in Africa, 100 of our mission trip volunteers in Belize, or in the Chapel at the 20,000 member Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, it's his humor and commitment that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but his passion for missions that you'll remember the most.

Paul Whisnant, Missionary in Belize

Expertise: Missions, Disaster Recovery, Child Exploitation Issues, Global Health, Child Poverty, Human Trafficking, Malaria, Church Growth.

The Beginning.

While on a short-term mission trip to Belize in 1989, Paul felt called by God to be a missionary.

Five months later, as a 19 year old teenager, he withdrew from college, packed a few things in a backpack and bought a one-way plane ticket to the country of Belize in Central America.

He arrived with only $50 in his pocket and lived in a grass hut made of leaves and sticks, in a remote jungle village, without electricity, running water, nor a bathroom.
The local Mayan Indians taught him how to survive by eating iguanas and taking baths in the jungle river with crocodiles nearby.

It wasn't an easy beginning, as he was shot & stabbed, & suffered from malaria & dengue.


The mission Paul started in that jungle hut in 1990 is now International Servants, one of the largest & most well-respected missions in Belize.

Paul has been serving as our missionary in Belize since 1990 and oversees our ministries and network of 54 local Churches in Belize.

His life passion is reaching Belize for Jesus and helping children overcome poverty.

Under his leadership, lives are being changed all over Belize as thousands of hungry children are being fed in our feed-a-child program, sick children are being treated in our medical mission clinics, innocent children are being rescued from sex traffickers, and every Sunday thousands worship Jesus in our network of 54 local Churches!


"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward them for what they have done." Proverbs 19:17

A history of taking action - even when it's hard or unpopular.

Believing that no child is lost. No situation is hopeless. Because our hope is in Jesus.

Paul Whisnant, Belize Missionary, iServants

Going to the jungles of Belize on a mission trip, Paul is called by God to move to the jungle as a missionary.

Paul Whisnant, International Servants, missionary to belize

Moving to Belize as a Missionary with just a backpack & $50, Paul Whisnant starts International Servants.

IMB Belize

Requesting his help when the IMB pulled out, Paul is asked to serve on the Board of the Baptist Association of Belize.

Paul Whisnant, Amanda Whisnant, Belize Missionaries, iServants

Seeking his help due to his years serving in Belize, Paul is appointed as the Citizen Liaison for the United States Embassy.


Rebuilding lives after Hurricane Keith, Paul helps children & families with short-term relief and long-term recovery.

Southern Baptist Missionaries in Belize, Paul Whisnant, iServants

Having started and/or built dozens of churches in Belize, Paul is ordained as a Southern Baptist (SBC) minister.

Dr Paul Whisnant, International Servants, Belize Missionary

Honoring the scope of his missionary work, Paul is awarded an Honorary PhD in Missions by the Trustees at IBC.

Paul Whisnant, Belize Ambassador

Showing appreciation for his service, the United States Ambassador awards Paul a certificate of thanks in 2008 & 2011-2014.

Paul Whisnant, Belize Ambassador

Honoring his missionary work, Paul is awarded the Lifetime Humanitarian Award by the Government of Belize.

Ambassador Paul Whisnant Belize

Honoring his missionary work, Paul is appointed as the Honorary Humanitarian Ambassador by the Belize Government.

Dr Paul Whisnant, Belize Missionary, International Servants, southern baptist belize

Helping thousands of children in villages throughout Belize, and leading our network of 54 local churches in Belize.

Today, Dr. Paul Whisnant serves in these 4 positions

International Servants

Lead Missionary

Belize Mission Director for International Servants
1990 - Present

SBC Belize

Board Member

National Executive for the Baptist Association of Belize 

1997 - Present

Belize Embassy Paul Whisnant

Citizen Liaison

Citizen Liaison for the United States Embassy in Belize

1998 - Present

Belize Ambassador Paul Whisnant


Honorary Ambassador for the Belize Government

2017 - Present

Paul loves the animals of Belize

Paul Whisnant, missionary in belize, southern baptist belize, iservants

Left to Right:
Young Howler Monkey, Six Foot Iguana, Tarantula,
Baby Coatimundi

Paul Whisnant, Belize Missionary, iServants, missionaries in belize
Paul Whisnant, International Servants, missionary to belize
Paul Whisnant, Belize Missionary, iServants, southern baptist missionaries in belize


Even though Dr. Paul Whisnant graciously eats whatever meal is served to him in the jungle, including delicacy's such as iguanas, rats, cow foot soup or pig brains, he cannot stomach mashed potatoes.

Photo: Paul eating a roasted rat leg in Belize. This rodent is called a Gibnut. Be sure to ask him why Belizeans call it "the royal rat".

Paul Whisnant, Belize Missionary, International Servants
Dr Paul Whisnant Belize Missionary_edited.jpg
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