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The humble beginnings of International Servants started in 1989 when a 18 year old college student went on a mission trip to Central America.

His name was Paul Whisnant. And the country was called Belize, formerly known as British Honduras.

On that mission trip, Paul felt God calling him to become a missionary.

So 5 months later, in 1990, at age 19, he withdrew from college, packed a few items in a backpack and bought a one-way plane ticket to Belize, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

He arrived with only $50 in his pocket and lived in a grass hut made of leaves and sticks, in a remote jungle village, without electricity, running water, or a bathroom. The local Mayan Indians taught him how to survive by eating iguanas and taking baths in the jungle river with crocodiles nearby.

The mission he started in that jungle hut in 1990 is now International Servants, one of the largest & most well-respected missions in Belize.

Paul's life passion is reaching Belize for Jesus and helping children overcome poverty. 

Under his leadership - and thanks to you who pray, give and volunteer - lives are being changed all over Belize as thousands of hungry children are being fed daily in our feed-a-child program, sick children are being treated in our medical mission clinics, innocent children are being rescued from sex traffickers, and every Sunday thousands worship Jesus in our network of 54 local Churches!

To God be the Glory!


Helping children overcome poverty.

For real. For good.
Since 1990.

We are here to serve

For more than 30 years, our team of missionaries, pastors, donors, prayer partners, and volunteers have been committed to sharing the love of Christ, making disciples, and providing life-saving aid.


Missionaries in Belize, southern baptist missionaries in belize

The Local Church

Dr. Paul Whisnant and our Missionaries have started and/or built 54 local Churches throughout Belize. Every week, thousands come to hear the Message of Jesus.

International Servants, iServants

Children Come First

We focus on helping children overcome poverty - for good. From our Feed-A-Child Centers to our Medical Clinics, the children always come first.

International Servants, iServants


Every day there are children going hungry in our villages. Many kids are severely malnourished. That's why we started our Feed-A-Child program - to stop this crisis.

Amanda Whisnant Belize

Medical Care

Every year, our Medical Mission treats thousands of children & families who have little-to-no access to medical care, nor the money to buy critical medicine.  

iServants, International Servants


Education is the key to stopping the cycle of poverty for the next generation of children. That's why we've built schools in villages that had never had a school.

International Servants, iServants

Stop Human Trafficking

A child suffering from hunger, violence, disease, and poverty is far more likely to become a victim of sex or human trafficking. Your gifts help to stop this.




Carlos Moreno

United States Embassy

"There's no other person in the non-profit, faith community that comes close to the scope of the kind of work Dr. Paul Whisnant is doing here with feeding programs for hungry children living in poverty, medical clinics, Churches, and more."

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International Servants, iServants, Belize Missionaries


Ashley Rocke

Belize Government

"From his early days humbly living in a leaf and stick hut, to the present day as the leader of the largest and most well-respected Missions in Belize, I've seen how Dr. Paul Whisnant has faithfully served thousands of needy children and families."

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Pastor Steve Stewart, Bethesda Baptist Church


Dr. Steve Stewart

Bethesda Church

"Our Church chose to support International Servants and Dr. Paul Whisnant because this was the best place to invest our Mission dollars. And each time I go, I see how carefully our funds are being used to do the most for the children of Belize."

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Pastor Jerry Adair, International Servants, Paul Whisnant, Belize Missionaries, Southern Baptist Belize


Rev. Jerry Adair

Trinity Baptist Church

"I've known Dr. Paul Whisnant for decades and seen his Ministry grow first-hand. It's been incredible to see the phenomenal growth! The people in the villages trust him and see him as their family because he's been with them for so many, many years."

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International Servants

Going to the Ends

Going to the ends. Where no one else goes. Because Jesus is alive in the hardest places to be a child.

"For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ our Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake" -- 2 Cor. 4:5

Hear from one of our Board Members

You'll love hearing Dr. Steve Stewart's heart for God's Work here in Belize as he shares how you can help children in need - in Jesus' name - by praying, giving, and going. 

Paul Whisnant, Belize Baptist Missionary

Statement of Faith

Our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Missionaries and 54 Belizean Churches follow the Southern Baptist (SBC) Faith and Message.

Photo: Dr. Paul Whisnant preaching at a village Church.

We are dreaming

We're working hard to invite Mayan Indians, Creole's, Hispanics, and others to follow Jesus - and dreaming of the day we'll see the Good News brought to every tribe, language, people, and nation. -- Revelation 5:9

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