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Did you know that worldwide, a child under the age of 15 dies every 5 seconds?
The saddest part is that many of these deaths could be prevented with just $5 worth of medicine.

Your gift today of $5 will provide urgently needed, life-saving medicine for a desperately sick child. 

Many children in our rural villages have little-to-no access to health care. Nor the money to buy medicine that could save their life!

Doctors and nurses from the United States are taking time off from work to travel here to treat sick kids in our Belize Medical Mission Clinic. But it's pointless to treat the children if we don't have the medicine.

These children cannot help themselves. Many are living in grinding poverty in a mud floor hut made of sticks and leaves.

Please be a child's hero by giving generously today!

Malagasy typical village in Nosy Be, north of Madagascar.jpg

Many children live in huts made of leaves & sticks.

"He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their injuries."  -- Psalm 147:3

The United States Ambassador to Belize

You'll love watching this video as the United States Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Moreno, shares about our Mission.

Ambassador Moreno highlights several parts of our ministry, but focuses mostly on our Medical Mission. You'll love seeing your donations at work.

Belize Medical Director

Mrs. Amanda Whisnant is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & leads our Medical Mission.

Born in Ohio, she graduated from MUSC and is licensed in the U.S. and Belize.
In addition to serving as our Belize Medical Director, she's worked at Pediatric Primary Care clinics in TX, FL & SC. And she's married to our Belize Missionary, Dr. Paul Whisnant.

Belize Medical Mission

In our Medical Mission Clinics, our focus is on treating children & families who can't get the medical care they need. And opening hearts to Jesus.

Some patients have basic problems like fever, worms or diabetes, and others have life threatening problems like heart murmurs, cerebral palsy, dengue fever or malaria.

Belize Dental Mission

The lack of dental care in our rural villages leaves many patients in severe pain. Some even die from infections due to lack of treatment.
The villagers get excited when they hear our Dental Mission Team is joining with our Medical Mission Team to come volunteer in their village. 

Belize Wheelchair Mission

In our Medical Mission Clinics, we often meet children in need of wheelchairs. But, traditional wheelchairs don't always work due to the rugged terrain in our jungle villages.

Watch this video to see a young boy excited to receive a rugged, sturdy wheelchair that can handle jungle trails.

In the Belize News

The people of Belize are always grateful for our Medical Teams coming to volunteer. And for the medicine that we are able to distribute because of your generous donations.

Check out this video from the Belize News about our Medical Mission to see the children & families you're helping.


Helping children overcome poverty.

For real. For good.
Since 1990.


Amanda Whisnant, Belize Medical Mission Trip

Medical Care

Every year, our Medical Mission treats thousands of children & families who have little-to-no access to medical care, nor the money to buy critical medicine.  

iServants Missionaries


Education is the key to stopping the cycle of poverty for the next generation of children. That's why we've built schools in villages that had never had a school.

International Servants

Stop Human Trafficking

A child suffering from hunger, violence, disease, and poverty is far more likely to become a victim of sex or human trafficking. Your gifts help to stop this.

Missionaries in Belize

The Local Church

Dr. Paul Whisnant and our Missionaries have started and/or built 54 local Churches throughout Belize. Every week, thousands come to hear the Message of Jesus.

International Servants

Children Come First

We focus on helping children overcome poverty - for good. From our Feed-A-Child Centers to our Medical Clinics, the children always come first.

International Servants


Every day there are children going hungry in our villages. Many kids are severely malnourished. That's why we started our Feed-A-Child program - to stop this crisis.

We can't do it without your help, so please give generously.

Paul Whisnant, Missionary to Belize, belize medical mission, iservants, international servants

Dr Paul gets treated

Our Missionary in Belize, Dr. Paul Whisnant, is always on-the-go as he leads the mission.

So it was a shock to our villagers when one day he became a patient himself.

Photo: Dr. Paul getting treated in our Belize Medical Mission Clinic.

Hear from one of our Board Members

You'll love hearing Dr. Steve Stewart's heart for God's Work here in Belize as he shares how you can help children in need - in Jesus' name - by praying, giving, and going. 

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