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Christmas Gifts

$30 provides a Christmas Gift for 1 child

$60 provides Christmas Gifts for 2 children

$120 provides Christmas Gifts for 4 children

Your gift today will provide a child with a personalized gift he or she urgently needs, like their first pair of shoes. You will be bringing joy and hope to a child living in poverty. 

May I place my order after Christmas?


Yes! All gifts in our catalog are great for year-round giving as well as for Christmas. Consider donating a gift in honor of a friend or family member for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or for holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's Day.

Will you send an e-card for me?


Yes! We'll happily send an e-card to your loved one to notify them that you gave a gift in their honor. If you wish for us to send an e-card: After donating, email us at with the name & email address of your loved one. Then we'll send them an e-card asap.

International Servants

Give monthly to a cause you care about

Lasting change begins with you. Monthly giving provides consistent support to children in need. It means your donations will be delivering the right solution at just the right time.

And while your gifts are changing lives, you'll love seeing the impact of
your generosity through our updates and stories in our Email Newsletters, iServants App, Facebook page, Videos, and in-person on one of our Belize Mission Trips.


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