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International Servants

You can bring lasting change by sending food to a hungry child living in poverty.


Your gift today will change a child's life for years to come! 

Hi, we're International Servants

We are a nonprofit Charity reaching Belize for Jesus and helping children overcome poverty - since 1990.


My name is Dr. Paul Whisnant

I moved to the jungles of Belize at age 19 as a missionary with only a backpack and $50. I lived for years in a leaf & stick hut, with no electricity nor running water, while eating iguanas to survive. The Mission God led me to start in 1990 is now one of the largest in Belize where we provide food & medicine for hungry & sick children, and meet spiritual needs through our 54 Belizean Churches and our missionaries in Belize.



What our friends say

Belize Ambassador, Belize Missionaries, missionaries in Belize, missionary work in belize


Carlos Moreno

United States Embassy

"There's no other person in the non-profit, faith community that comes close to the scope of the kind of work Dr. Paul Whisnant is doing here with feeding programs for hungry children living in poverty, medical clinics, Churches, schools, and more."

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Senator Rocke, Belize Missionaries, missionaries in Belize, missionary work in belize


Ashley Rocke

Belize Government

"From his early days humbly living in a leaf and stick hut, to the present day as the leader of the largest and most well-respected Missions in Belize, I've seen how Dr. Paul Whisnant has faithfully served thousands of needy children and families."

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Pastor Steve Stewart, Bethesda Baptist Church Ellerslie GA


Dr. Steve Stewart

Bethesda Church

"Our Church chose to support International Servants and Dr. Paul Whisnant because this was the best place to invest our Mission dollars. And each time I go, I see how carefully our funds are being used to do the most for the children of Belize."

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Pastor Jerry Adair, Feed a child, feed hungry children, food for the poor, feed starving kids, give to the poor, give to feed hungry kids


Rev. Jerry Adair

Trinity Baptist Church

"I've known Dr. Paul Whisnant for decades and seen his Ministry grow first-hand. It's been incredible to see the phenomenal growth! The people in the villages trust him and see him as their family because he's been with them for so many, many years."

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Give Monthly

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Lasting change begins with you. Monthly giving provides consistent support to children in need. It means your donations will be delivering the right solution at just the right time as you help kids lift themselves out of poverty.

And while your gifts are changing lives, you'll love seeing the impact of your generosity through our updates and stories in our email newsletters, iServants app, facebook page, videos, and in-person on one of our mission trips.

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