International Servants invites you to bring a group to join one of our Belize Medical Mission Trips. We provide free Medical Mission clinics, treating thousands of poor, needy children and families in jungle villages.

Some have basic problems like fever or worms, and others have life threatening heart murmurs or diabetes. The purpose of our Medical Mission is to open hearts to Christ, so we always setup our clinics in villages where our missionaries are starting a Church. It's a wonderful tool for showing the love of God.

Mrs. Amanda Whisnant, CPNP, leads our Belize Medical Mission Trips with volunteer MD's, DO's, PA's, NP's, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Techs and Dentists from the USA. Amanda was born in Ohio and completed her Bachelors at BGSU and Masters at MUSC in Charleston, South Carolina. She's also loves taking Masters level courses online through Dallas Theological Seminary. Her first Medical Mission Trip was to Honduras.

Besides serving as our Belize Medical Director, as a missionary to Belize leading our Belize Medical Mission Teams and coordinating our Save-A-Child's Life program, she also works at a Pediatric Primary Care Clinic near Dallas, Texas. She's married to our Belize Mission Director, Dr. Paul Whisnant.

Fun Facts: Amanda's a black belt in karate and prefers Children's Vitamins over Adult Vitamins.

Medical University Magazine Article (About Amanda Whisnant, CPNP, and our Belize Medical Mission with International Servants). 

Want to help our doctors save a child's life? Click GIVE and designate your gift: Medicine for Belize. For every $100 you give, we can provide life saving medication for 20 children. 100% of your donation will go where designated.  

Want to help us provide a wheelchair to a needy child? International Servants provides pediatric wheelchairs for poor children. For more info, click Wheelchairs4Kids

Want to come serve for a week on our Medical Team? Are you a Christian and a MD, DO, PA, NP, PharmD, PharmTech or Dentist? Click Belize Medical Mission Trips


Want to help a child receive a life-saving surgery? Learn more about our Save-A-Child's Life program below:

In our Belize Medical Mission Clinics, we often encounter children in need of life-saving surgery. But many of these surgeries are too complicated to perform in Belize.

We bring children to the USA for these life-saving surgeries. We coordinate these surgeries with the assistance of others, such as Rotary, Children's Hospitals in the USA, US based Charities, etc. This requires a lot of work and fundraising on our part but it's very rewarding to save a precious life. Helping save a child's life also opens many hearts to Christ in our villages.

We need your help. To help us save the next child's life, click GIVE and designate: Save-A-Child's Life. Your gift of any amount is deeply appreciated (total cost per child is around $5,000). 100% of gifts designated SAVE-A-CHILD'S LIFE goes directly to providing life-saving surgery for a child. 

SUCCESS STORIES: 3 of the children you've helped us save: 


Above: Marlena at our Belize Medical Mission Clinic with Jenny (one of our volunteer Physician Assistants, far left) and Marlena's mom (far right). Marlena received her heart surgery in Orlando, Florida. Photo was taken in Belize pre-surgery.


Above: Heilin with Amanda (far right) with Heilin's mom (far left). Heilin was run over by a truck in Belize. She received her surgeries in Dallas, Texas. Photo was taken 1 month post-surgery in Grapevine, Texas.


Above: Xiomara with Amanda in Belize. Xiomara received her heart surgery in Tampa, Florida. Photo was taken post-surgery in our Belize Medical Mission clinic. Amanda Whisnant is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and our Belize Medical Director.


Medical Mission Testimonial

Jenny Masche-McClendon, an Emergency Room Physician Assistant, shares her testimonial about her 2nd time serving in our Belize Medical Mission clinic with International Servants. Jenny was the star of the TLC Reality TV show "Raising Sextuplets" and has been featured in People Magazine, The Today Show, etc.

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