International Servants is a nonprofit Christian Mission bringing hope to children and families in Belize. Ministries: Belizean Churches, Children's Ministry, Feed-A-Child Center, Medical Mission, Save-A-Child's Life Program, Local Schools, Orphan Ministry and Belize Mission Trips

Belize, Central America, is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, with thousands of needy children and families living in jungle villages in desperate poverty. Our missionary focus is on serving in the areas of greatest spiritual need and helping the poorest of the poor. Though we serve in all 6 Districts, most of the villages where we serve are several hours from Belize City, in the interior of the country in jungle villages. 

International Servants was founded in 1990 by Missionary to Belize, Dr. Paul Whisnant, and is governed by its Board of Directors. Dr. Paul serves as our Belize Mission Director and oversees our Belizean Pastors, Missionaries and Belize Mission Trip Volunteers. 

The Mission and Churches follow the Apostles Creed and Baptist Faith and Message 2000.


While on a short-term Mission Trip to Belize in 1989, Paul Whisnant felt called by God to full-time missions. Five months later, as a 19 year old teenager, he withdrew from college, packed a few items in a backpack and bought a one-way plane ticket to Belize, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

He arrived with only $50 in his pocket and lived in a grass hut made of leaves and sticks, in a remote jungle village, without electricity or running water. The locals taught him how to survive by eating iguanas and taking baths in the jungle river with the crocodiles nearby. The Mission he started in that jungle hut in 1990 is now International Servants.

Fast Facts:
Dr. Paul has served as our Belize Mission Director, and as a full-time Missionary, with International Servants since 1990. He resides in Belize (and near Dallas, TX), is married to our Belize Medical Director, Amanda Whisnant, CPNP, and has 2 children. Dr. Paul, and his wife, Amanda, were born in the United States (Paul in Georgia and Amanda in Ohio), and are dual citizens of both the United States and Belize. Fun Fact: Even though Dr. Paul graciously eats whatever is served to him in the jungle, including iguanas and rats, he can't stomach mashed potatoes. 

Public Speaking:

His many years living in the jungle as a missionary in Belize produced a wealth of fascinating stories that led him to speak in the US, Africa and Asia, inspiring others to make a difference with their lives. Whether he's speaking to 600 teens at the Smokey Mountain Youth Conference in Tennessee, 200 business leaders at the  HQ for Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, GA, 700 Pastors in South Africa, 100 of our Mission Trip volunteers in Belize, or in the chapel at the 20,000 member Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX, it's his humor and commitment that'll keep you on the edge of your seat; but his passion for Missions that you'll remember the most.


Bryan College, Dayton, TN, and CIU, Columbia, SC.


1997: Appointed to the National Executive Board of the Baptist Association of Belize.
2004: Ordained as a Southern Baptist Minister.
2009: Awarded an Honorary PhD in Missions by the Board of Trustees at IBC.

United States Embassy in Belize:
1998: Appointed to the post of Embassy Warden (and later to the title of Citizen Liaison). 
2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014: Awarded Certificates of Appreciation by the United States Embassy's Ambassador to Belize for his service in Belize.

Government of Belize:
2017: Recipient of the first-ever Lifetime Humanitarian Award from the Government of Belize.
2017: Given the title of Honorary Humanitarian Ambassador of Belize by the Government of Belize. Click Ambassador of Belize to see a video of the Ceremony, the Belize TV Broadcast, the Citation Letter, quotes from the Belize Senator, the United States Ambassador, National Church leaders, and more.


Video: Belize Mission Trip Tour Dr. Paul leads Ed Young (Senior Pastor of the 20,000 member Fellowship Church of Grapevine, TX) on a tour of our Mission work and Churches in Belize.

Video: Meet Dr. Paul Whisnant   Photos: Paul serving as a Missionary in Belize

Press Release: 
Dr. Paul Whisnant named Ambassador of Belize

UPDATE: Dr. Paul celebrates 28 years serving Belize as a Missionary

Video: Hear from one of our Board Members, Pastor Dr. Steve Stewart: 


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Celebrating 28 Years Serving Belize

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